Monday, 27 August 2012

Casual Winter

Forever 21 Jacket, Country Road Top, Heather Jeans and Heels, Bag from Korea, Ring vintage 

Back to the land down under after being in a Japan where it was hot and humid, it's a nice change to be in the cold weather. My favourite winter combination are dark shades, with a bag that stands out.

Photos taken by JTionowidjaja

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vampire Cafe

The last theme restaurant my friend and I visited was "Vampire Cafe". When we entered the restaurant it was as if we were really in Dracula's Lair. Everything was dark, black and red. I must confess I do have quite the liking for the TV series "True Blood" so this place was my cup of tea.

The Menu

Vampire Injection Cocktail
Bloody Rose Cocktail

Hash Browns
Coffin Pie

White Virgin Cocktail
 Promise Moon Cocktail

 Chocolate Brownie
 The toliet :)
Picture in the hallway that looks like a man on oneside and a demon on the other.

I would have to say out of the three themed restaurants I have visited the "Ninja Akasaka" brought to life the whole experience but in terms of drinks, the "Vampire Cafe" certainly does not disappoint. I would visit all three again and more the next time I'm in Tokyo.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ninja Akasaka

The next theme restaurant we visited was "Ninja Akasaka" located in Tokyo. When we first arrive a ninja led us through a dark for-tress with waterfalls and hidden draw bridges. Finally we arrived at the ninja village, and into our own private room.

 Our ninja drinks
Ninja Waitress
Shuriken Star Blades Grissini
Cheesy Onion Soup
 Spicy Chicken Wings
Beef dipped in red wine with gold flakes 
 Snow frog cheese cake
A Ninja Master came in and showed us some exciting magic tricks
Aww yes we definitely will come back!