Sunday, 17 April 2011

2011.04.15 - Good Charlotte Cardiology Tour

Friday my sisters and I went to see Good Charlotte and O.M.G it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to (The best for me was L'Arc~en~ciel's 2007-2008 concert :)). We got there around 7.30pm and guest band 'New Empire' were already playing, decided to get our merchandise before they ran out. Got myself their tour shirt and a cute bag.

When we got to our seats the next guest band 'Short Stack' started, they were getting the crowd hyped for GC and it was working. Our seat was on the stand, right in the middle facing directly opposite the stage. Close enough to see them but not enough to see their faces without our binoculars :)

9.33pm finally the lights went out and the screaming started! They came out singing 'The Anthem'. Most songs they sang were their older ones but all are favourites! The guys also are good at getting the audience hyped! The whole concert we jumped up and down, screaming, singing along(cough* shouting along :P), so much fun. The only negative side to the concert is that in Australia the audience isn't as fun and crazy like the ones in Japan. My sisters and I, a lady next to us and a few girls down below were the only ones standing and enjoying ourselves. Everyone just sat there, err why are they here if not to enjoy themself?! weird but we had a good time and that's all that counts. Next time they come we are going to Mosh!

My Sunlit blossoms Golden Earrings from Ruche.

Warning: Do not wear these earring to concerts mine fell off after the third song and lost the back part :(Benji singing his solo.

Tour Shirt and bag :D


  1. Ohhh heart your earrings they're super cute!

  2. OH I'M SO GLAD YOU BLOGGED ABOUT THIS. I almost forgot the feeling already :))) I'm so glad you guys came with me, I could act like an idiot with you all, I definitely got my exercise and dose of good charlotte for another 3 years when they come back! x

  3. ^ Hahaha wanya glad you like it! does bring back good memories doesn't it!! Yay def be there for their next concert in 3 years! Come next year we shall kareoke their songs for hours :P xoxo