Monday, 19 September 2011

2011.09.17 - L'Arc~en~ciel 20th L'Anniversary Tour : Fukuoka

After a three year hiatus, my favourite Japanese band L'Arc~en~ciel has gotten back together again for their 20th Anniversary tour. Luckly my ticket was really really close to one side of the stage, my god I could see their faces clearly. The last concert I went to was in 2008 for their L'7 tour and Theatre of Kiss Tour. So seeing them again after so long is very nostalgic. Lead singer Hyde looked the same as always..that boy seriously has not aged, I would like to know what he does!

As usual I bought heaps of stuff...

5.05pm and the lights turn off, scream starts and the whole stadium is filled with a sea of rainbow lights. On the stage behind the band they had an orchestra in a huge cage. They start 0ff with Niji, Seventh Heaven and Goodluck my Way and 4th Avenue Cafe. After Hyde talks to the crowd and tells us how they are now 20years old, and that they are so old. He then says the venue Marine Messe Fukuoka is way too long to say, so he gives the venue/us a nickname "Mari-Chan"♥

Of course they sang Revelation with fires coming out of the stage! Awesome stuff. Also they sang my favourite tunes which includes Honey, Drink it down, My hearts draws a dream. After Hyde would scream "Mari-Chan are you Fucking Ready?!" and Ready Steady Go starts us going crazy. After that drummer, Yuki goes on a crazy solo, he put all his energy in it but in the end he stops and falls backwards. I thought it was hilarious but after that the crowded got worried and our intermission was longer than usual.

After the intermission there was a slide show from Laruku's early days up to now. Which was really nice to see :) They introduced the song XXX with the video clip playing at the back, Hyde saying it was a song for adults :P Link was also sang! Which god I love that song and they ended the concert with Anata, with pretty white petals falling from the sky.

Overall it was a great concert!! it was great seeing them again!! I am very satisfied :)

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