Friday, 30 September 2011

Sweet Tooth

Lately besides work all I do is shop and eat, and by eating I mean lots of sweets. Some of the delicious things i have found, are...

A mirror decorated as a biscuit! Absolutely Adorable. By the brand 'Twinkle Twinkle".

Shirokuma, a famous kind of shaved iced in Kagoshima. Topped with condense milk, fruits and jelly.

As mentioned here, I have been frequenting this place quite a bit trying all the different cakes. Here is their Strawberry short cake...and my god it is good.

A little cafe my friend introduced me too. Cheese cake and a cutely decorated cappuccino♥

Donuts!! not as good as cinnamon donuts but probably the best donuts here in Japan...where the dough tastes similar to a traditional cinnamon donut.


  1. omg the desserts look delicious! mm i can't take my eyes off the cake :D

  2. Look at all those beautiful desserts! That cappuccino is adorable :D Love your blog title, basic donuts are such a great treat!