Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nagasaki- Peace Park

Wow I have been so busy these holidays, I have not had time to post! My friend and I went to Nagasaki and besides shopping we visited the Peace Park. I'm not sure what to say of it but it truly does remind us what the damages of war can do. Of course the Peace Park showed and wrote the damages of what the Americans did but it did not say anything about the Japanese being at war with other countries. I've seen Japanese History books they teach to children and everything regarding World War Two is glossed over. A touchy topic but I just can't help but wonder, my grandfather and grandmother experienced first hand what the Japanese did to them when they occupied their country...I can't imagine what they went through. All in all wars are bad and should be stopped.
The Hypocenter (Ground Zero)
Peace Statue
A Globe showing all the places where nuclear bombs have been tested.
A clock where its hands stopped at 11.02. The time of the impact.

Thousands of beautiful paper cranes.

"Love and Peace"
Made from Paper Cranes

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