Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Year of the Dragon

Gong Xi Gong Xi! Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

It is the year of the dragon! My sister's year :) I hope this year will bring you all good fortune! The end of last year something unexpected, sad and tragic happened so in tradition my family and I did not celebrate Chinese New Year this year. But I would like to share the little things that will make this year special.
Starting the new year with Tubereuse scented Diptyque candle.
As part of my New Years Resolution 2012- eat healthy!
Banana with delicious muesli "Spezial" from Switzerland.

Red is the colour on Chinese New Year. My new Chanel "Rouge Carat" winter collection 2011 :)

An arrow I bought from a temple near my house. With a picture of a dragon. You can write your wish behind it. Arrows bring luck and ward off evil spirits, after a year you can bring it back to the temple and they will burn it.

New Years Card
Instead of sending christmas cards, the Japanese send new year cards. Noot just one or two but hundreds to families, friends and coworkers. I sent one to my school and they hung it on the bulletin board in the staff room♥! They told me my handwriting was cute like a child's haha

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