Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Eco-Friendly Cups

I love having my own personal cup either for leisure, work or parties it's always fun. A personal favourite of mine is the resuable plastic starbucks cup-a special christmas edition (It feels like Christmas everytime I drink from this cup!!^^)
Another one I have is the Eco-Friendly Ellen DeGeneres tumbler which can hold my hot or cold beverages, the colour is also a nice metallic blue!
And last but not least my much bigger liquid storage cup with "Tonari no Totoro" pictures on one side. I got this from Osaka's Itami Airport on my flight to Miyazaki-shi. It's quite a big jug and is great for parties instead of having to walk back and forth to refill one's drink. Also it good to hold cold tea or freshly made juice in the summer! (Fits into the fridge nicely :D )

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