Monday, 7 March 2011

Kings and Queens of Anything

At the moment i've been reading the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis, And i love it!! (Half a century too late I might add!). I'm still up to the third book but my favourite so far is the second; Prince Caspian. Suprisingly for me, it was the weakest out of the three movies made. The book had so much depth on Caspian's background and it made him such a likeable charater and it made much more sense to what a great King he turned out to be. I also love how the book is set thousands of years later and the humans (Telamarines) don't belive in narninas and the old Kings and Queens were just legends. Like the Pevensies we feel happy to be once more drawn into the world of Narnia, yet sad that so much has changed and only a few really did believe in them.

I never grow tired watching the movies nor will I will the books! Everything described in the books is though it came out of a dream, a dream I wish every night I could too one day open my eyes to. And because the world of Narnia has inspired me so much I just had to draw something out of that dream! I know I'm not the greatest artist in the world (it's been four years since i felt inspired to draw again actually) but pictures are worth a thousand words.

I use Neopiko markers, that I bought while living in Japan. I first draw the draft, ink it, then colour with the markers in layers.

My cute Sanrio Candy Case- which i now use to keep my markers in. I wish i had more coloured markers, but they are too expensive :(

My Narnia (with a bit of Alice in wonderland) inspired illustration

Who wouldn't want a Minotaur as their personal butler??! :D

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