Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Gold Rush

When looking through the pictures I took this week I noticed that most of the things had a tinge of the colour gold. Quite amazing really, could gold be the new black :P

Honeycomb flavoured Gold-Rush Espreski from Dome Cafe. My all time favourite drink, I will order this everytime I go there.

Almond coated pretzel with a caramel dip. Eat this with a cup of chocolate flavoured milk and it feels like christmas in July.

'Pure Honestly Floral Ring' from Ruche

Poptarts! My all time favourite childhood food. Problem is Poptarts are no longer distributed in Australia due to the fact they weren't popular enough. So they are now a rare breed and thanks to my sister she found a small lolly shop which sold a range of flavours. For more than double the price it was originally sold at... nevertheless it is worth it :D

Got myself a manicure, sparkly gold. I think I have my new favourite colour.


  1. I love pop tarts ! I've never seen some Pop tarts s'mores ! And your gold sparkly nail polish is so beautiful :) ! Check out :

  2. Your nails and the ring are amazing!

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