Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Korean Face Masks

In Korea, there are always staff infront of their store trying to bring people in...with free stuff! You can take the item, look around and leave the shop with that free item! Now me and my friend got a little bit addicted to this so we ended up with lots and lots of beauty products... most were free the others we bought because we couldn't help ourselves haha. A few of my favourite Korean face masks:

1. Pearl Face Mask from The Face Shop

2. Special Zone Care from The Face Shop. (There are all sorts of masks for different parts of your face. The one I got is for your smile lines...visible lines when your not smiling!)

3. Sake Noki from VOV Cosmetics. (By far my favourite mask, it not only is refreshing but it smells like sake...mmm could get drunk by putting this mask on your face lol)

4. B.B Cream Cleansing tissue from Missha. (I love B.B Cream I actually bought Missha's B.B cream because unlike western foundation/moisturiser it doesn't feel heavy and doesn't feel like your face is going to melt in summer)

5. Brighting Mask Sheet for Man from It's Skin. (haha couldn't believe they have masks for men, bought these for my dad)

6. White Tree EX from The Face Shop. (for moisturising the face as well as whitening)

7. Ginseng Mask from The Face Shop. (Actually now I'm not sure if this one is ginseng... I forgot what the shop keeper said.. I can read Korean but I don't understand it haha handy huh? Nevertheless this one & the sake one is another favourite. After putting on this mask my face feels rejuvenated)

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